a)  The ‘Hire Company’ is Wilson Hood Pty Ltd t/a Bentwood Events (ABN 16169469765)

b)  ‘The Hirer’ refers to any individual, person, firm or corporation hiring equipment or appoints services from the ‘Hire Company’.

c)  The ‘Hire Equipment’ refers to all chairs, tables, archways, arbors, plinths, ice buckets and furniture supplied to the ‘The Hirer’.

d)  The ‘Delivery Date’ refers to the agreed delivery date for the wedding, party or event by ‘The Hirer(s)’ to the ‘Hire Company’.


i. Booking of the Hire Equipment is done on a first to book basis. To secure the hire equipment and confirm any booking or quotation The Hire Company require a non- refundable 30% deposit of the total written quote and our Terms and Conditions of Hire to be signed and returned.

ii. Full payment of the total order is required no later than 14 days prior to the agreed delivery date including GST and any delivery and set-up costs.

iii. The Hire Company reserves the right to hire the Hire Equipment to another client until the deposit has been received and the terms and conditions of hire have been signed and returned.

iv. The Hire Period is between 1-3 days unless agreed in writing by the Hire Company.



i. A cancellation fee of 30% of the original order is charged up to and including 14 days prior to the delivery date.

ii. Any cancellations within 14 days and under of the delivery date incur a 100% cancellation fee.

iii. No variations allowed that result in a reduction by more than 10% of the total invoice cost. Where the hirer seeks to reduce an order by more than 10% then 90% of the original invoice would be due regardless of the variation requested. Any additional items made to the order once the deposit has been received is subject to availability and additional cost.


The hire company reserves the right to request a security bond to cover all equipment supplied by the Hire Company. Any damaged, missing, very unclean items will be charged at full replacement cost. This total will be deducted from the bond amount.


i. The hirer accepts full responsibility for the equipment once the items have been delivered to or collected by The Hirer. The Hirer is then responsible for any damaged, lost, missing or vandalised equipment. A full replacement fee is due for any damaged, lost, missing equipment when in the responsibility of the hirer.

ii. The Hirer shall protect all equipment from the elements during the period of hire. In inclement weather, including rain, hail, snow, wind, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the hire equipment is adequately protected and stored. Any damage caused by inclement weather shall be paid at full replacement cost to the Hire Company.

iii. If the Hire Equipment is to be used outdoors at any stage during the Hire period the Hirer must confirm this in writing to the Hire Company. It is the Hirer’s full responsibility to provide a suitable wet-weather plan and safely store all items in the event of inclement weather. No refunds are available in the event of inclement weather.


i. Delivery and Collection is available between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday excluding public holidays. Any deliveries outside of these hours or during public holidays may attract an additional fee, please call or email the Hire Company for further details.

ii. The Hire Company requires a minimum two-hour delivery/collection window.

iii. The Hirer is responsible for having someone available to take delivery of the equipment at the nominated delivery date and delivery time window. This must be confirmed in writing with the Hire Company at least 14 days prior to delivery. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to provide correct and accurate delivery information.

iv. The Hire Company reserves the right to refuse delivery if it is deemed unsafe or poses significant risk to Hire Company’s staff or to the Hire Equipment.

v. Delivery of all Hire Equipment is to Ground Level only unless stated prior to delivery. Any orders which require the delivery of any equipment further than 10 metres from the closest legal parking space may attract an additional charge. Additional charges also may apply if there is stairs, steep descents or require the use of elevators. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to inform the Hire Company in writing of any additional or difficult delivery conditions. Failure to inform the Hire Company of any difficult delivery conditions may result in additional charges.

vi. The Hire Company is not responsible for any setting-up of the equipment (except archways/arbors) unless specifically mentioned in writing in the quotation or invoice.

vii. Set-up is paid at an hourly rate and must be confirmed in writing and paid in full at least 14 days prior to delivery.

viii. The Hire Company reserves the right to withdraw at any time any special offers or promotions in connection to the delivery and collection of Hire Equipment.


All Hire Equipment and all additional services are subject to the Good and Services Tax in accordance to the current State and Federal legislation and is charged to the Hirer.


The Hire Company shall be in no way responsible or accountable for any injury, death or loss of income caused to The Hirer, any third parties or properties due to the hire of equipment or provided services by the Hire Company.


By paying a deposit or quote in full is accepting and agreeing with the Terms and Conditions of Hire as set out above.